VRAP, Veteran Retraining Assistance Program to Reduce Unemployment

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Veterans are some of the most common among unemployed adults and often the unemployment is due to a combination in lack of skills as well as the presence of a disability. 

If you, or a loved one, has recently returned from combat, there is a resource you’ll want to consider in the quest for securing fulltime or parttime employment.

(Resume Customization for Veterans)

In a Boston Globe report on veteran services, a program commonly known as VRAP, is identified as being a great resource for veterans who need retraining services after serving in the armed forces.VRAP   What makes this program unique is that it will target only those veterans who are between 35 and 60 years of age – which accounts for some of the highest levels of unemployment among veterans.  The VRAP program was passed only recently so it is not a well known retraining and job placement assistance program among veterans.

If you, or someone you love, is looking for a way to get back into the working sector, contact your local veterans affairs office and ask about the opportunities made available through VRAP.  Even if you are already using other VA or private employment services, VRAP may still be utilized by veterans who meet the age requirements.  Do not let your unemployment status discourage you.  After many years of service in the military, if you feel you have few skills to offer an employer, then tap into the job opportunities thru the VA and ask about the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program in your local chapter or regional military office.


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    [...] programs like the VRAP, Veterans Retraining Assistance Program, work diligently to help veterans find work across all sectors, it is the sector themselves that [...]

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